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FilM / TV Director • DP Production Company
Code 8 Part II (Feature) A+B Camera Jeff Chan • Marie Davignon Netflix
The Lake (TV Series) A Camera / Steadicam Paul Fox, Jordan Canning • Rob Scarborough Amazon Prime
Y: The Last Man (TV Series) A+B Camera / Steadicam Destiny Ekaragha, Lauren Wolkstein, Karena Evans, Cheryle Dunye,
Daisy Von Scherler Mayer • Catherine Lutes, Claudine Sauvé
The Expanse S6 (TV Series) A+B Camera / Steadicam Breck Eisner, Jeff Woolnough, Anya Adams • Jeremy Benning, Kevin Jewison Amazon Prime
See S2 (TV Series) B Camera (Second Unit) James Madigan • Brian Pearson Apple TV
Spin (Feature) B Camera / Steadicam Manjari Makijany • Jeremy Benning Disney+
Fatman (Feature) Camera / Steadicam Ian Nelms, Eshom Nelms • Johnny Derango Fortitude / Saban  
Mrs America (TV Series) B Camera / Steadicam Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck • Jessica Lee Gagné, Chris Teague FX
Feel The Beat (Feature) A Camera / Steadicam Elissa Down • Amir Mokri Netflix
Condor S2 (TV Series) Camera / Steadicam (Additional) Ali Selim • Jeremy Benning Sky One
The Invisible Man (Feature) Camera / Steadicam (Toronto Unit) Leigh Whannell • Daniel Grant Blumhouse / Universal
Dare Me (TV Series) Camera Operator (Additional) Steph Green • Zoe White NBC / Universal
The Handmaid’s Tale S3 (Series) B Camera / Steadicam / Gimbal Mike Barker, Amma Asante, Colin Watkinson,
Deniz Gamze Ergruven • Zoe White, Stuart Biddlecombe
Gilead III Productions Inc.
The Coroner S1 (Series) B Camera Adrienne Mitchell • Samy Ineyah CBC / Back Alley / Muse
Wayne (Series) A Camera (Second Unit) Tessa Holfe • Rion Gonzales Endeavour / YouTube / Google
Unidentified Woman (Short) Steadicam Katrina Saville • Rob Scarborough One Twenty Pictures Inc.
Backdraft 2 (Feature) Steadicam (Toronto Unit) Gonzalo López-Gallego • Jose David Montero NBC / Universal
The Cuban (Feature) B Camera / Steadicam Sergio Navarretta • Celiana Cardenas 920 Films
The Handmaid’s Tale S2 (Series) B Camera / Steadicam Mike Barker, Kari Skogland • Colin Watkinson, Zoe White Gilead II Productions Inc.
Fahrenheit 451 (BTS) B Camera / Second Unit Camera John Wilhelmy • Rion Gonzales Bestlight Media
The Mountain Between Us (BTS) C Camera Aly Bradshaw • Rion Gonzales Bestlight Media / HBO Marketing
The Stories We Tell Ourselves (Short) Steadicam Andrew De Zen • Kris Bonnell Blackout Media
Binders Art+Film (Short) A Camera / Steadicam Jennifer Gough • N/A Progressive Designs
Anne (Series) Steadicam Helen Shaver, Paul Fox • Bobby Shore Northwood Anne Inc.
Business Ethics (Feature) B Camera / Steadicam Nick Wernham • Michael LeBlanc Business Ethics Film Inc.
Buckout Road (Feature) B Camera / Steadicam Matthew Currie Holmes • Rudolf Blahacek Buckout Productions
Liaison (Short) Steadicam / Producer Lyndon Horsfall • Bruce William Harper Evening Swan Productions / DragonGem Productions
Rahowa (Short) Steadicam Charlie Hamilton • Diego Guijarro Alvarez Blackout Media
Coming In (Series) Steadicam Graydon Sheppard • Drew Bienemann Coming In (Canada)
Defective (Feature) Steadicam / EP Reese Eveneshen • Isaac Elliott-Fisher Possibility FIlms
The Ghost is a Lie (Feature) A Camera / Steadicam / EP Jason Armstrong • N/A Momstrong Films
Kitchener Sync (Series) B Camera / Steadicam Lyndon Horsfall • Bruce William Harper DragonGem Productions / Finscot Films
From Sale to Sold (Series) B Camera Kathryn Aboya • Phil Maurion Visual Advantage
Baroness Von Sketch Show (Series) Steadicam Aleysa Young • Catherine Lutes Frantic Films
Country Crush (Feature) Steadicam Andrew Cymek • Joshua Fraiman Good Soldier Films / Netflix
Bed of The Dead (Feature) Steadicam Jeff Maher • Micha Daha Black Fawn Films
Sundowning (Short) Steadicam Kathleen Mullen • Zachary Finkelstei Letter K Media
The Hexecutioners (Feature) A Camera / Steadicam Jesse Cook • Karl Janisse Foresight Features
Light and Silence (Short) Steadicam Peter Szabo • Bruce William Harper Possibility FIlms
Next Stop (Short) Steadicam Charlie Hamilton • Karl Janisse Cold Fire Place Pictures
Bite (Feature) Steadicam Chad Archibald • Jeff Maher Black Fawn FIlms
Chasing Valentine (Feature) Steadicam Navin Ramaswaran • Bruce William Harper Splice Films
The Money Movie (Feature) Steadicam / Producer Jason Armstrong • Andrew Gerhold Digital Goo Productions
The Ghost Is a Lie (Series) B Camera Jason Armstrong SKG FIlms
The Sublet (Feature) Steadicam John Ainslie • Greg Biskup Black Fawn FIlms
Already Inside (Short) Steadicam Jarvis Alston • Karl Janisse 8 Figure Productions
Antisocial 2 (Feature) Steadicam Cody Calahan • Jeff Maher Black Fawn Films
Inspiration (feature) Steadicam / EP Jason Armstrong • David Mun SKG Films / Momstrong Films
Home Away (Short) A Camera / Steadicam / EP Jason Armstrong • Simona Analte, Torin Langen Momstrong Films
The Last of Everything (Short) Steadicam Duncan Finnigan • Bruce William Harper 12 Angry Filmmakers
Return (Short) Steadicam Jon Hyatt • Bruce William Harper KM4 Productions
GoGopocalypse (Feature Promo) Steadicam Bethany McLeod • Karl Janisse Bethany McLeod
The Demolisher (Feature) Steadicam / 1st AC Gabriel Carrer • Martin Buzora Latefox Pictures
Crystal Aggregate (Feature Promo) Steadicam Gary Kirkham • Karl Janisse August Media
Playing The Game (Series) A Camera / Steadicam / DP / Editor Steve Hutton • Mitch Mommaerts Greek Chorus Productions
Elusive (Short) B Camera / Steadicam / Producer Richard Story Footpath Productions
The Question (Short) B Camera / Editor / Producer Diana Fodor Progressive Designs
Boccé 2004 (Short) A Camera / DP / Editor / Producer Mitch Mommaerts Progressive Designs
Three Canadian Models (Short) A Camera / DP / Editor / Producer Mitch Mommaerts Progressive Designs
Golfaing (Short) A Camera / DP / Editor / Producer Mitch Mommaerts Progressive Designs



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