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Mitch Mommaerts began pursuing videography and editing in 1995. In 2004, he added a steadicam rig to his production arsenal. In 2013, after working for several years in graphic design, video and new media production, Mitch decided to pursue a full-time career as a professional steadicam/camera operator, upgrading his equipment to the highest industry standards and even taking salsa dance lessons along with learning a fusion of Yoga and Tai Chi to enhance his footwork and balance.

Known for his ability to help plan and execute lengthy, single-take shots with precision, Mitch has become a sought after steadicam/camera operator not only in his native Canada, but around North America.

Mitch speaks both English and French fluently, and has extensive experience working on commercials, corporate videos, music videos, narrative films, and live concert broadcasts.

Today, Mitch continues to work on his skill with the goal of being one of the worlds sought after Steadicam/Camera Operators.

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